Lisa (NY) Biology Student

As a former summer intern I had the chance to really see just how much hard work goes into making this organization a success. It’s great to see so many injured and orphaned animals have a second chance at life. Dara has put her heart into this place and without her, the staff and all the supporters, WIC wouldn’t be what it is today. Personally my internship was an experience I’ll never forget and it has given me the experience I need to pursue my career goals. I only wish I were able to continue volunteering at such a great place. I really don’t know how Dara manages to do everything she does. She really is an amazing person to have been able to start this whole organization when she was just over 20 and still be able to raise a family. WIC biggest challenge is not having enough space and money. Each year more non- releasable animals make WIC their permanent home and more releasable animals come in every year. It is a very small space and we always put a great deal of effort into conserving resources. I hope someday WIC can build their dream facility. They have plans for a new and improved facility but do not have the funds. With the money more animals could be cared for and be given permanent homes if needed.

Lisa (New York) Biology StudentIntern