Josni Mistry (CT)

I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes and from a young age I dreamed of a job where I would be able to work with and help animals. Wildlife in Crisis is an organization that turned my dreams into a reality. Working at WIC taught me more than how to aid orphaned and injured wildlife–it helped me realize that there are people in the world that still care about living in harmony with nature. It was inspiring to interact with so many members of the public that were willing to leave their comfort zone and catch an injured red tail or drive an hour to bring us a crying fawn. These unique experiences and the skills I learned while at WIC have prompted me to pursue a career in rehabilitation and conservation so that I too will have the opportunity to be an advocate for the natural world someday. Working at Wildlife in Crisis was the best job I’ve ever had and I continue to volunteer for this important organization as often as I can.

Josni Mistry (Connecticut)Intern