Daphne Ryan (Great Britain)

Straight out of college, I knew I wanted hands-on experience with animals, one that could not be taught in a classroom. With my internship at Wildlife in Crisis, I got just that and much much, much more. The hours were long, the work was very demanding but nowhere else could I experience the joy and reward of watching orphaned animals grow healthily in my care. I never thought that in one summer, I could raise more than a dozen fawns and also care for young woodchucks, foxes, ducklings, goslings and the permanent resident animals, but I did! The year I spent at Wildlife in Crisis (because 6 months wasn’t long enough for me) has taught me more than any job ever will. I now have the knowledge to raise a wide variety of animals and care for injured wildlife. WIC and all its animal residents will always have a special place in my heart. Thankfully, I still live in Connecticut and come volunteer whenever I can!

Daphne Ryan (Great Britain)Intern