Anna (Australia) Communications Associate at the Rainforest Alliance

I was a resident intern for WIC in the summer of ’08 and I continue to volunteer there on a weekly basis. My involvement with the organization has been immensely beneficial to both my personal and career development. WIC is a truly amazing organization that puts the well being of all wildlife before anything else. The organization’s dedication to the life of each individual animal is truly unprecedented. This is something I was able to experience while working for the organization. We worked all day and all night to ensure each and every animal received the care and attention necessary so that it could be released back to the wild. WIC saves thousands of injured and orphaned animals each year. Being able to be present during the releases of hundreds of animals was truly a gratifying experience that illustrated the importance of WIC in giving injured and orphaned wildlife the second chance that they deserve. The organization is expanding and deals with more and more animals each year. It needs funding so that it can further develop its facilities to care for the increasing number of animals it cares for. My experiences with WIC Founder, Dara Reid have been incredible. Dara is someone truly admirable who has dedicated her entire life to caring for wildlife through WIC.

Anna (Australia) Communications Associate at the Rainforest AllianceIntern