Amy J.

I have spent the past 8 years of my life committed to this important non-profit in Fairfield County.  The only organization of its kind in the region, Wildlife in Crisis works to preserve wildlife  through three important efforts: habitat preservation, environmental education and wildlife rehabilitation.  The centerpiece of WIC is the wildlife hospital which nurtures over 5,000 injured and orphaned wild animals every year. In addition, WIC answers over 20,000 calls each year to help members of the community seeking counsel on how to help injured animals they encounter.  WIC has done all of this with quiet resilience since 1988.

I have witnessed, first-hand, the extraordinary miracles performed at WIC… the barred owl struck by a car, saved and nurtured back to health; the mother raccoon beaten with a baseball bat while her babies were still nursing – all of the babies rehabilitated and released back into nature (the mother sadly succumbed to her injuries); the day-old fawn whose mother was struck by a train, nursed to adulthood and released… and that all happened in one day!  From the tiniest of hummingbirds to majestic mammals, WIC accepts over 200 species and works tirelessly to give them all a second chance at life in the wild through quality care. Vital medicine, food, incubators and pre-release habitats…are only possible through generous donations from those who care.

Amy J.Volunteer