Wildlife In Crisis Ambassadors

Some of the animals brought to WIC are unable to be released due to physical or behavioral disabilities. It is WIC’s goal to provide sanctuary with dignity to these permanent residents.

woodsieWoodsie the Great-Horned Owl: Woodsie came to WIC in 1995 when she was about a year old. Woodise is one of WIC’s permanent resident ambassador animals. She was brought to WIC after she was found following people and tapping on windows in search of food. Woodsie is an imprinted owl who was raised by people and identifies with humans rather than other owls. She is an aggressive bird who associates people with food and therefore cannot be released for her safety and the public’s safety. Woodsie hoots at the many visitors to WIC and has served as a foster mother for many orphaned great horned owls brought to WIC.

eleanorEleanor the barred owl: Eleanor was hit by a car on a cold winter night suffering a severe head injury, wing fracture and a shattered leg. Her leg, wing and head have since healed, but she is now blind in one eye and cannot see well. She is a calm bird who now resides comfortably at WIC. Visitors often get the opportunity to hear her broad range of vocalizations, a sign of her contentment with her surroundings.

stevieStevie the blind blue Jay: Born with a congenital defect causing blindness. Stevie has delighted many young visitors to WIC with her mimics of baby raccoon cries, screech owl vocalization, the squeaky door, her perfect rendition of the WIC phone, which fools us every time! She is very content with her daily routine and enjoys attention for her caregivers.


barnieBarnie the lame barnswallow: Barnie had been with WIC since he came in as a baby with a badly broken wing. He sings the most beautiful melodies with each morning sunrise.

woodyWoody the wood duck: Woody was brought to WIC as an injured baby. Unfortunately the kind people who found Woody kept in for several weeks before bringing him to WIC and in the process he became imprinted on humans which precludes his release. Woody’s bold personality makes him a wonderful ambassador for WIC’s school programs.

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

John Muir