Sponsor a Patient

Please consider sponsoring a recuperating patient at Wildlife in Crisis.   Below are just some of the animals we care for at WIC and the cost associated with their care.

Each of over 5,000 animals brought to Wildlife in Crisis every year has a story to tell.

  • The goslings who were brought to Wildlife in Crisis entangled in fishing line, hooks and lures.
  • The barred owl dangling from a steel jaw leg hold trap.
  • The skunk who had his head caught in the drainage hole of a dumpster.
  • The baby fox who fought for his life and survived after his siblings and parents were killed by ingesting rat poison laced chicken.
  • The snapping turtle intentionally hit by a car.
  • The kingfisher who flew into a plate glass window falling to the pavement of a busy city street.
  • The mockingbird maimed by a domestic cat.
  • The lone surviving wood duckling, whose family was killed when the tree they were living in was cut down.
  • The 14 baby opossums rescued from their mother’s still warm pouch after she was killed by a car.
  • The baby raccoon who endured two weeks without nutrition after his mother and siblings were trapped and killed.
  • The loon who crash landed on a busy roadway.

Each was given a second chance at Wildlife in Crisis.

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

John Muir