Success Stories – Reptiles

box-turtleBox Turtle: A victim of an unsupervised dog, this turtle suffered battering and punctures to his carapace, head and limbs. We were able to release this turtle back to his familiar habitat after many months of rehabilitation. Box turtles are a threatened species in Connecticut due to habitat loss. Please never take turtles from the wild, it is illegal and cruel. Turtles are very territorial and need to be returned to their place or origin. Females lay eggs in the same place each year.

terrapinDiamondback Terrapin: This terrapin was found in a boat marina entangled in fishing line and lures, with a fish hook embedded in his throat. We were able to successfully remove the fishing line and hook. After several months of care and rehabilitation, we were able to release this beautiful terrapin back into the waters from which he came. These turtles are now a threatened species in Connecticut. Fishing line and pollution are major factors in many declining populations of aquatic animals.

wood-turtleWood Turtle: This poor guy was hit by a car and suffered a cracked shell, trauma and bruising. Wood turtle populations are threatened in Connecticut, so each one is very special and requires a tremendous amount of care and nurturing. Fractured shells can take many months to heal. We were eventually able to release this turtle back to his home. If you see a turtle in the road, please move him off the road in the direction that he was headed if you can do so safely.

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Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

John Muir