Working at Wildlife in Crisis has been unlike any other position I’ve held.  Having never visited the facility before I began the internship, I could only gather impressions through the website and phone interviews.  Everything I heard and read made me want to be a part of it.  It sounded like WIC was a bit of the cure for human ignorance, giving back without reservations.  It has been refreshing to work for a selfless organization that dedicates an immeasurable amount of time and energy to these animals.  Working entirely for the welfare of other creatures has been incredibly gratifying.  It was rewarding to witness the release of the animals, especially the raccoons because I had been working with them since they were little.  I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to help rehabilitate and raise numerous injured and orphaned animals alongside such talented and wonderful people. I’ve also been touched by people authentically concerned for wildlife, and it has amazed me that there are many compassionate people who go out of their way to save these animals.  It makes me happy to see people genuinely wanting to help, and I hope that as WIC grows, more realize their vital role in helping save these animals.

Kathryn (Pennsylvania)Intern

At Wildlife in Crisis I learned the direct value of hard work: time and effort put into caring about and for the wildlife at the clinic meant healthier and happier animals. Coming into that clinic for the first time was equally inspiring and intimidating, both because of the diversity of animals needing help and also because of the dedication of the owners, interns, and volunteers. I will never forget all of the animals I cared for, the people I worked with, and the values I learned while I had the wonderful opportunity to experience all that is Wildlife in Crisis.

Katie (Michigan)Intern

Straight out of college, I knew I wanted hands-on experience with animals, one that could not be taught in a classroom. With my internship at Wildlife in Crisis, I got just that and much much, much more. The hours were long, the work was very demanding but nowhere else could I experience the joy and reward of watching orphaned animals grow healthily in my care. I never thought that in one summer, I could raise more than a dozen fawns and also care for young woodchucks, foxes, ducklings, goslings and the permanent resident animals, but I did! The year I spent at Wildlife in Crisis (because 6 months wasn’t long enough for me) has taught me more than any job ever will. I now have the knowledge to raise a wide variety of animals and care for injured wildlife. WIC and all its animal residents will always have a special place in my heart. Thankfully, I still live in Connecticut and come volunteer whenever I can!

Daphne Ryan (Great Britain)Intern

I have always loved animals of all shapes and sizes and from a young age I dreamed of a job where I would be able to work with and help animals. Wildlife in Crisis is an organization that turned my dreams into a reality. Working at WIC taught me more than how to aid orphaned and injured wildlife–it helped me realize that there are people in the world that still care about living in harmony with nature. It was inspiring to interact with so many members of the public that were willing to leave their comfort zone and catch an injured red tail or drive an hour to bring us a crying fawn. These unique experiences and the skills I learned while at WIC have prompted me to pursue a career in rehabilitation and conservation so that I too will have the opportunity to be an advocate for the natural world someday. Working at Wildlife in Crisis was the best job I’ve ever had and I continue to volunteer for this important organization as often as I can.

Josni Mistry (Connecticut)Intern

As a child I pretended to be a super hero, as many kids seem to do. I ran around my house fighting imaginary crime and saving the day. As I grew older, that feeling of wanting a purpose followed me. I started my internship at Wildlife In Crisis at the beginning of baby season and it shocked me at how many injured and orphaned animals came through the door on a given day. Working nonstop to help the helpless was exhausting but it wasn’t until I released one of our healed red tail hawks at Hawkwatch that I realized what Wildlife In Crisis made me. They gave me the chance to be what I’ve always wanted to be ever since I was a kid, a hero; only instead of a cape I was wearing blue scrubs. Taking care of animals that have experienced tragedy and giving them a second chance at life and a second chance to be wild again. I will always be proud to say that I was an intern at Wildlife In Crisis, and I will carry the love from those that I have raised, in my heart, with me every day. And I just have to say Thank You to Wildlife In Crisis for giving me this unremarkable experience.

Gina DiMeo (Delaware)Intern

At Wildlife in Crisis,animals come in, sometimes barely alive, and you help
bring them back to health. Eventually you release them into the wild. I found this work very rewarding. WIC’s founder, Dara Reid’s dedication and knowledge are amazing, I respect her so much!

Kelly (Maine), Registered NurseIntern

The work we do is so meaningful and important. This program has been the most amazing of my life! I have grown in ways I didn’t even know were possible. I loved every moment of this exceptional opportunity. This organization is truly amazing and I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of it.

Laura Cummins (New York) BiologistIntern

A wonderful and life changing experience.

Andrea (OK) Biology Student

I anticipated gaining hands-on experience in wildlife rehabilitation, what I got was a whole lot more! The number and variety of endangered wildlife in need brought to WIC is truly mind-boggling and the quality of care each animal receives at WIC is extraordinary. My unique experience at WIC strengthened my resolve for a life-long commitment to helping wildlife.

Beth (Delaware) VeterinarianIntern

I was a resident intern for WIC in the summer of ’08 and I continue to volunteer there on a weekly basis. My involvement with the organization has been immensely beneficial to both my personal and career development. WIC is a truly amazing organization that puts the well being of all wildlife before anything else. The organization’s dedication to the life of each individual animal is truly unprecedented. This is something I was able to experience while working for the organization. We worked all day and all night to ensure each and every animal received the care and attention necessary so that it could be released back to the wild. WIC saves thousands of injured and orphaned animals each year. Being able to be present during the releases of hundreds of animals was truly a gratifying experience that illustrated the importance of WIC in giving injured and orphaned wildlife the second chance that they deserve. The organization is expanding and deals with more and more animals each year. It needs funding so that it can further develop its facilities to care for the increasing number of animals it cares for. My experiences with WIC Founder, Dara Reid have been incredible. Dara is someone truly admirable who has dedicated her entire life to caring for wildlife through WIC.

Anna (Australia) Communications Associate at the Rainforest AllianceIntern

Until one has loved an animal, part of one’s soul remains unawakened.

Anatole France