Our Past

Dara Reid
Dara Reid

The Wildlife in Crisis care center was formed in 1988 by current director Dara Reid. After working for veterinary clinics and nature centers, Dara realized that there were no good options for people who found wounded, ill and orphaned wild animals. With her background in wildlife biology and veterinary science, Dara envisioned an organization that would care for all species of debilitated native wildlife, so that these animals could be returned to their natural environment and live independent of human care.

Three decades later, Wildlife in Crisis is the only clinic of its kind in Connecticut. The facility accepts over 5,000 wounded, ill and orphaned wild animals each year, with the goal of healing them and returning them to their natural habitat. In addition to wildlife care, WIC addresses the umbrella issue of habitat loss with the Wildlife in Crisis Land Trust and educational outreach. Located in a secluded setting in Weston, CT, Wildlife in Crisis maintains a bustling wildlife clinic and numerous recovery cages for mammals, songbirds and birds of prey. Since 1988, WIC has hosted over 100 interns from throughout the United States and abroad. These staffers and our local volunteers help field 20,000 calls per year regarding wildlife issues and provide hands-on care for the over 5,000 injured, ill and orphaned wild animals brought to the clinic each year.

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.

John Muir