Since 1988 Wildlife in Crisis has provided tender loving care for over 100,000 wild animals!


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Please call the clinic first and speak to a WIC volunteer before coming to WIC.

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What we do at Wildlife in Crisis

Wildlife in Crisis cares for over 5,000 injured and orphaned wild animals each year, seeks to protect threatened ecosystems and educate our community about wildlife issues.

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Internship Program

interns-home"At Wildlife in Crisis I learned the direct value of hard work: time and effort put into caring about and for the wildlife at the clinic meant healthier and happier animals. Coming into that clinic for the first time was equally inspiring and intimidating, both because of the diversity of animals needing help and also because of the dedication of the owners, interns, and volunteers. I will never forget all of the animals I cared for, the people I worked with, and the values I learned while I had the wonderful opportunity to experience all that is Wildlife in Crisis." - Katie Melton (MI)

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We would not be able to provide care for over 200 species of native birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians without you! Every dollar you give directly benefits the patients at WIC.
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"We all have our charities that we support. Wildlife in Crisis is my charity and I encourage you to make it yours. We’re so fortunate to have Dara and WIC in our community. When I brought an injured fawn to WIC for help I was overwhelmed by the numbers and variety of animals. Raptors, songbirds, mammals, turtles and babies of every size and shape being cared for by volunteers and interns, AMAZING!"

-James Naughton