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About Us
Mission Statement
WIC is a Nurture Center
Licensed to Care for Wildlife
Environmental Education
Statement of Principles

   Wildlife in Crisis, Inc.
P.O. Box 1246
Weston, CT 06883
(203) 544-9913

In furtherance of this mission the Wildlife in Crisis Wildlife Rehabilitation Program shall observe the following principles:
  • The WIC Wildlife Rehabilitation Program shall focus on indigenous wild animals, particularly those wild species in need of specialized care.

  • Injured and orphaned wildlife will come into contact with no more than two caretakers during their stay at Wildlife in Crisis in order to prevent "imprinting" on humans.

  • Orphaned wildlife will be raised with others of their own species for proper socialization.

  • Injured and orphaned wildlife will be cared for in a peaceful woodland setting during their period of recovery.

  • Future quality of life will be our primary concern when accepting an animal for rehabilitation.

  • Wildlife in Crisis will sponsor educational outreach programs such as slide show presentations, public service announcements and news editorials to help reduce and prevent the incidence of injured and orphaned wildlife.

  • Whenever possible situations will be resolved through guidance over the telephone.

  • Since the incidence of injured and orphaned wildlife is directly proportional to loss of natural habitat, the Wildlife in Crisis Wildlife Rehabilitation program will work in partnership with the Wildlife in Crisis Land Trust in order to protect wild animals by preserving their natural habitats and providing them sanctuary within those habitats.